Friday, May 3, 2013

The Friday Four, Part 12


Legendary country singer George Jones passed away earlier this week.  George Jones was not exactly a stellar character you want your kids to emulate, hard drinking, wild living and sometimes violent, but he was the quintessential country music star and his music influenced a generation or two of musicians across many genres.  Perhaps his most iconic song was the drippy, sentimental "He Stopped Loving Her Today."

RIP, Mr. Jones.


Wednesday evening, Gene picked up dinner for the family at his favorite restaurant in town.  Behold:

It's open from 11 to 7, and Gene was only driving by early in the morning yesterday,
so you get a picture of the closed up taco truck. 
The Fiesta Brava taco truck sits in a lot on the corner of Francis and Nevada.  Gene buys lunch there at least once a week and he's been raving about the food for months (he also likes being able to practice his Spanish with the owner, a friendly Mexican man named Robert).  So finally Gene brought home five different kinds of tacos for us to try.  I have to say the fish tacos were my favorite, hands down.  The boys like the chicken and beef ones, and the pork were really good, too.  The salsa verde had the best flavor.  And it was really affordable, too.  Less than $20 for more than a dozen really yummy tacos.


Gene and I love games.  Right after we moved to Spokane some friends introduced us to Sequence, then Huggermugger, Wise and Otherwise, and finally Bohnanza.  With each new game, we fell harder and harder. We were hooked!  Over the years we've gone in spurts where we'd have pretty regular game nights, invite a few other couples over, have some snacks, get to know each other and have some crazy fun.  We've slacked off with being social lately, but I want to get back into having regular game nights, so if you're in the Spokane area and have a free evening - and don't mind getting schooled - drop me a line!

Just a few of our current favorites...

I've been reading some pretty heavy stuff lately.  Dense non-fiction, serious/tragic/heart-wrenching stories, intense self-help.  And I need something light and easy.  Something that will either make me laugh or smile or just won't take up too much brain space.  Suggestions?

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