Friday, March 20, 2015

The Friday Four, Part 110


I'm not big on doing cutesy stuff for holidays, but I decided to get into March 14 this year because it wasn't just Pi Day, it was Epic Pi Day: 3/14/15.  And I managed to catch Epic Pi Second on!

I wore the Pi-to-35-digits necklace that I bought from Boutique Academia.  The boys were excited to have chicken pot pi for dinner:

And of course, there was pumpkin Pi for dessert.

It was really fun!  I might even try it again next year, with some kind of quiche for breakfast maybe.  And pizza pie for lunch.  Maybe shepherd's pie for dinner this time...


The Relief Society, the women's organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, turned 173 on March 17.  I found this video, put together by a Young Single Adult ward in Provo, where they talk about some of the previous Relief Society general presidents they studied.

This post on By Common Consent highlights the Relief Society motto - "charity never faileth" - and how underappreciated it sometimes is as an organization that can do extraordinary things:
Our souls most magnify the Lord when we serve our fellow beings in love, as the Relief Society calls us to do. This saving work—even small acts of kindness—enables us to rejoice together in God. And when we remember our lowliness as servants, we will give thanks for divine favor rather than seeking to elevate ourselves above others, whether explicitly or implicitly. The Church is diminished when it dishonors or discourages the exercise of spiritual gifts by some of its members; the saving work to which Relief Society calls us all (both women and men) is to nurture those gifts in the people around us, to give their souls that bread of life with which they can grow to the full measure of their creation.
And I found "A Love Letter to Mormon Women on the Anniversary of the Relief Society, from a Mormon Historian and Feminist" very moving. The author's call to "keep trying to love each other, to understand one another, to strengthen the Body of Christ, and to brighten our sisterhood across differences" is exactly what I feel we need.


International Women's Day was a couple of weeks ago, a day to celebrate, recognize and honor women.  This series of photos shows women doing "women's work" around the world.  And they are beautiful, strong, varied and capable.  Take a look at #16, #18, #22, and #31 in particular.


A couple of days ago I discovered this sweet message on the white board downstairs:

I was glad to see that my youngest included himself on the list of people he loves along with the rest of the immediate family. :)

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