Friday, March 13, 2015

The Friday Four, Part 109


Last Sunday, the whole family attended the 74th annual Kosher Dinner put on by Temple Beth Shalom on Spokane's South Hill and it was great!  There was a little bit of a wait when we got there, but they fill the time by having members of the congregation put on musical performances for us.  Most of our waiting time was to the soundtrack of a quartet doing fun oldies, but there was also a female duo who did traditional Jewish music, too, which I really enjoyed.

And then, of course, there was the food.

The menu is the same every year, at least the three years that I've had the pleasure of partaking. Apricot kuchen greets us as we sit down - dessert first!  Plenty of delicious challah is easily within reach as well as three relishes (a three-bean salad, pickles, and picked halibut) and horseradish.  Then this bountiful plate is set in front of us:

Amazing brisket.  I mean, falling apart tender and so flavorful.  I swear I saw a recipe in an article somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it again and it's driving me nuts.  The potato knishes were such a hit with my boys that I bought a 4-pack to take home (along with some challah and some apricot kuchen).  The carrots are sweet and yummy.  The baked apples were a touch too "spicy" for my youngest, but the other two took care of his portion as soon as it was clear he wouldn't be finishing them.  My only minor complaint is that there isn't enough!  I could (but probably shouldn't) eat quite a bit more...

One major advantage of the Kosher Dinner for our family is that since meat is being served, we know there's no dairy in the meal so it's safe for our two dairy-allergic/intolerant people! Yay!

Thanks, TBS!  We'll definitely be back!


This week I've still been getting over my cold - the darn thing is just hanging on forever! - but I've managed to make progress on both my yoga practice and "40 Bags in 40 Days".  I did give myself a bit of a break for my birthday, though.  My sister took me to lunch at QQ Sushi & Kitchen where I ate way too much.  A California roll is pretty standard and I'd had it before, but the Rainbow roll (actual raw fish!) was new to me.  I confirmed that I don't care for ahi tuna, but actually liked the halibut.  My favorite was the TNT with scallops on top.  Yum!  Oh, and the avocado boat.  Anything that combines avocado and crab is a winner in my book!

THEN she surprised me with a gift card for her hair stylist, so I got my hair cut yesterday and LOVE IT.

Yes, I have the world's best sister. :)


And THEN, my sneaky husband and boys brought this beauty home:

All of those books had been languishing in books or piles scattered around my bedroom.  It was irritating me that they were getting all dusty and my bedroom was cluttered and I couldn't see all of the books and argh!!  And now they have a lovely, solid-wood home, my bedroom feels much roomier, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Plus, the wonderful man brought home dinner (so I didn't have to cook OR clean up!) in the form of my favorite fish tacos from our favorite locally-owned taqueria, Fiesta Brava.  And my boys baked me a birthday cake (which, for some reason, they decided just had to be frosted with orange frosting and blue sprinkles:).

Not sure why it's sideways, but it's not cooperating
with my efforts to rotate it, so this is what you get...


AND an insane number of family, friends, and acquaintances wished me well for my birthday via facebook, twitter, text, phone calls, and in person.  One friend dropped off a slice of delicious chocolate cake and stayed to chat and catch up for a bit.  My young women from church and my fellow YW leaders signed a sweet card and provided more chocolate.  Always a plus!

It was a lovely birthday and I'm so grateful to the many, many people who made me feel so loved.  Thank you!

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