Monday, March 31, 2014

SpokaneFAVS 2nd Annual Faith Feast!

Well, we pulled it off!  Last night SpokaneFAVS had its second annual Faith Feast interfaith progressive dinner and it was a success! (Here's what I wrote about the last one, if you need a review. And here's a collection of live tweets from the event.)

We started in the sanctuary at the Spokane Buddhist Temple where Jefferson Workman, one of the assistant ministers, taught us a bit about Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, also termed "blue-collar" or "householder buddhism" for its accessibility to the working classes back when Buddhism was seen as only for the Japanese wealthy.  We learned, among many other things, about the symbolism of the wisteria medallion - wisteria hangs down when it grows and blooms, denoting humility - and that this Spokane congregation is run entirely by volunteers.

Jefferson Workman, assistant minister at Spokane Buddhist
Temple.  You can see the wisteria medallion I mentioned above
on the podium to the right.
Then we went downstairs where they fed us delicious Japanese appetizers:

I can't even begin to describe the amazing aromas!
And this beautiful display caught my eye:

After that, the rest of the group headed over to Temple Beth Shalom for a kosher entree while I drove straight to the LDS Stake Center to help set up the dessert buffet.  Fortunately, my father was attending the Faith Feast and with the help of Josie, one of the other SpokaneFAVS volunteers, snagged me some of the delectable brisket to eat later.  Now, this is the same brisket served at TBS's annual Kosher Dinner, so I already knew how melt-in-your-mouth amazing it was, and I'm glad I didn't have to miss the entire experience.  (I'll steal some photos from my dad and post them as soon as he sends them to me.)

[Edited to add photos!]

These quilts were displayed at Temple Beth Shalom and my dad thought my mom, who is a quilter, would like to see them. (She's in Virginia playing with the new grandson and doting on the other grandchildren right now.)

Photo credit: Frank Hutchison

Photo credit: Frank Hutchison
And he insisted on photographic evidence that he delivered the brisket yumminess as requested, so here it is:

The sun was shining right in my eyes, so I went for a profile stance.
Photo credit: Frank Hutchison
Finally, it was time for dessert with the Mormons! The Spokane Stake Relief Society Presidency outdid themselves with a beautifully arranged buffet table with green and yellow highlights - including lemons and limes in vases and lots of chevrons! - and a dozen or so different kinds of cookies, brownies, cakes, and other goodies (pictures here!).

The impressive dessert buffet!
Photo credit: Frank Hutchison
I introduced President James Lee, the Spokane Stake President. He spoke for a few minutes on basic LDS beliefs focusing on the first and thirteenth Articles of Faith and then answered questions from the guests. And then we ate! After a half hour or so of consuming sugar and great conversation, Tracy wrapped up the gathering and everyone started heading out, many stopping for a quick tour of the chapel along the way.

All in all, a very successful interfaith evening! Can't wait for next year!

(Awkward! I'm still working on how to take selfies...)
This was my uniform for the evening. The stylish t-shirt has a quote from Desmond Tutu: "My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together." Donate $25 to SpokaneFAVS and you can have your very own!

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