Friday, September 27, 2013

The Friday Four, Part 33


This past week has been premiere week for a whole bunch of TV shows!  I really pared down my list of must-see shows last year, but there are some I just can't give up, and couple new ones I have high hopes for:

Castle is in its fifth season and it just keeps getting better.  I'm excited to see where they go with Castle and Beckett's relationship this year and I can't get enough Nathan Fillion. He always makes me laugh out loud!

Person of Interest is starting its third year and I'm loving the growth in Jim Caviezel's character as well as the relationships between him and Michael Emerson, Taraji P. Henson and Kevin Chapman. Amy Acker does a fabulous insane villain. And the show has great action sequences, too.

The premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had me hooked from the first few minutes. I love how Joss Whedon uses some of the same actors over and over; it was great to see J. August Richards (from Angel) and Ron Glass (from Firefly) teamed up with Joss again. And the witty repartee was classic Whedon. Love!

We watched the premiere of The Crazy Ones starring Robin Williams (in his first regular TV show since Mork and Mindy!) and Sarah Michelle Gellar. I was pleasantly surprised by how well they worked together with SMG playing a sort of straight (wo)man to Williams's, well, craziness. And Kelly Clarkson's cameo role was hilarious!


We just finished reading Little Town on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder at bedtime. Toward the end, the town's preacher held a revival and one of the hymns they sang was this beautiful one called "Ninety and Nine":


Tomorrow marks the end of Banned Books Week. It's always shocking to me when I see lists of books that have been challenged or "banned" in certain libraries or schools, because they always include books that I love and value.  The Harry Potter series. The Great Gatsby. To Kill a Mockingbird.  Brave New World.  Fahrenheit 451.  I recognize that not all reading material is appropriate for all ages, but it takes a whole lot to convince me that the best option is to ban a book.


I ran across an article earlier this week titled "9 Ways a Theatre Degree Trumps a Business Degree" and had to smile.  I have made many of those same points myself and definitely feel that my theatre degree and experience have been invaluable in teaching me critical thinking, problem solving, crisis management, presentation skills, project management, team building and teamwork, versatility and flexibility. But what if you happen to have both a theatre degree AND a business degree?  Hmmmmm? :)

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