Friday, September 20, 2013

The Friday Four, Part 32


My heart hurts with some of the awful news this week, so this Friday Four is dedicated to the good that exists in the world.  First up, Momastery's latest LOVE FLASH MOB:

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Within less than 6 hours, and with each donor limited to giving only $25, more than $100,000 was raised to provide four beautiful children with service dogs specially trained to help them and their families meet their needs and keep them safe. Everything over the initial $100,000 will go to help more families in need. Read more about who's been helped in the past six months here.

Be kind and generous to each other. Even small actions can add up to something amazing and powerful.


This video from New Horizon Church captures our Sunday mornings so perfectly, except I think we have a little more yelling and grumpiness. And graham crackers instead of ice cream sandwiches.  And I don't own anything that has to be dry cleaned.

Be kind to each other, especially at church, where we're all trying to learn how to be better, kinder people. Don't compare your worst reality to someone else's perfectly groomed image. And don't judge.


This commercial for a Thai phone company made me bawl like a baby.

Be kind to each other, especially those who are particularly vulnerable.  A kind gesture can literally change their life as well as yours.


People are good, even when you might not expect them to be. Don't underestimate the goodness and honesty of others because of presuppositions and prejudices. A homeless man found a backpack full of money - more than $40,000 in travelers checks and cash - and flagged down a police officer to turn it in.

Photo courtesy Boston PD website,
The second act of this story gets even better.  The Good Samaritan's name was released: Glen James. The Boston Police Department honored him with a special citation. Someone who heard about the story set up a donation account on and already $100,000 has been donated. It's encouraging to see honesty and integrity being recognized and rewarded.

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