Friday, March 15, 2013

The Friday Four, Part 5 (Or, Writing through the Drug-induced Haze)


Attending the 72nd Annual Kosher Dinner at Temple Beth Shalom (which I blogged about here) was my first exposure to the music of modern Jewish reggae/alt rock artist Matisyahu (sounds kind of like "modest yahoo").  And I'm hooked.  Listen to this:


I had my first "drunk" texting experience this week.  Having never consumed alcohol in my life (outside of cough medicine and vanilla extract [edited to add: and a one-time experiment with non-alcoholic wine, which, despite the adjective, apparently does contain some alcohol]), I never thought I'd ever be in a position to text while under the influence.  But apparently, my pre-op valium has much the same inhibition-lowering effect as alcohol.  Fortunately, it was a fairly benign message: "Valium is so cool.." and only sent to my sister and a very good friend.  My husband swears I was trying to "select all" as he confiscated my phone, but I have absolutely no recollection of that...


I'm glad that I had some wonderful multi-cultural culinary experiences at the Kosher Dinner, Taste of India, and Cafe Italiano early in the week, because since my oral surgery on Wednesday, my diet has consisted of tapioca pudding and raspberry jello (both made especially for me by my loving mommy), refried beans (have to get some protein in there somehow), chocolate ice cream, and ripe avocado.  Oh, and drugs: an anti-inflammatory steroid, an antibiotic, and painkillers.  Whee!!!


Speaking of the surgery, all went well.  It was not one of the more pleasant experiences of my life, and my mouth is still fairly swollen and painful, so the flipper (partial denture) isn't fitting quite right and I have a lovely five-teeth-wide gap in my smile.  The drugs make it a little harder than usual to think clearly and form coherent sentences, hence the shorter-than-normal post here that took me longer-than-normal to write up.  And now I'm going back to bed...

Have a fabulous weekend!

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