Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day Fifteen: Halfway There! Or, The Day I Cheated

Well, it finally happened.  Halfway through the month, I cheated on my fast.

I didn't mean to.  It happened so quickly; I had next to no time to react.  One minute I was just cleaning up the breakfast dishes and took the spoon out of the huckleberry jam to put the lid on the jar and the next I was popping the spoon into my mouth before putting it in the sink.  I mean, everyone does that, right?  Especially when it's Homemade. Huckleberry. Jam.

But this morning it was ten minutes after sunrise.  And I didn't realize it until the spoon was out of my mouth and all that yummy huckleberry goodness was delighting my tastebuds.  So I rationalized (yes, I had this actual argument with myself) that there had been so little jam actually on the spoon and if I tried to spit it out I wouldn't be able to get rid of all of it anyway and I'd still have the taste in my mouth, so there was really no reason to do anything but just enjoy it at that point.  

(Oh, and full disclosure, I've also been taking the sacrament - similar to Catholic communion for any non-LDS readers - on Sundays, so a small piece of bread and a tiny sip of water.  But I don't count that as cheating for purposes of this fast since it's a regular, covenant-renewing ordinance of my faith.)

In other news, my latest book review column is up at Meridian here.  I'm doing a couple of columns on "self-help" or "self-improvement" books and started with Brene Brown's Daring Greatly, which I mentioned in an earlier post, and then a brief how-to on civility.

A few other tidbits...we're signing Josh up with a different wrestling club to hopefully preserve any enjoyment of the sport he has left.  We finally got the bid on what it will take to fix our pool up and it was a painfully hefty number, not quite as much as a brand new pool, but getting kinda close; we still need to decide if we're really going to do it.  And Will only has about twelve weeks left in braces.  He's planning to gorge on popcorn and caramel the second those things come off.  Exciting times around here...


  1. I've lost all respect for you now.

  2. Could I gain a little of that respect back if I tell you I didn't eat until ten minutes after sunset? Or if I promise to self-flagellate a bit before bed tonight? :)