Monday, January 7, 2013

A Snowy Day Six...

We woke up Monday morning to about five inches of snow.  It kept falling, that really fine, tiny-snowflake kind of snow that doesn't seem like it should accumulate all that much, but is like the sneaky ninja-stalker of snow-kind because when you look back a half an hour later there's this huge amount of snow covering everything, so we ended up with 7-8 inches. Which is really really pretty...when I'm standing in my warm house looking out the window.  Not so much when I have to drive in the stuff.  And normally it's not such a huge deal to just stay home all day.  The older two boys catch the bus, if Evan misses a day of preschool, big whoop, you know?  But today was Meals on Wheels day.

I've had my bi-weekly Meals on Wheels route - every other Monday - for just over a year now and I love it.  It's a pretty easy route, usually only six to eight stops, and there are a few folks on my route that have been there since I started.  Before Evan was in preschool, he came along with me and, man, was he a hit with the "grandmas and grandpas"!  Over the summer, all three boys accompanied me and took turns helping to carry the food up to the door.  (I like to think I'm instilling a habit of service in them, a recognition of the needs of others, but who knows.)  It's such a great program; my grandpa used it for years when he was housebound and it made a huge difference for him to be able to stay in his own home.

But I'd heard traffic reports.  And people were saying the roads were just awful, cars sliding off the road, buses getting stuck, etc.  And I just hate dealing with that, so as I'm pondering the possibility of calling and telling Meals on Wheels volunteer coordinator that I don't think I'll be able to make it, she calls me.  And reminds me that they're still delivering today and they're just calling everyone to make sure they'll be able to make it.  And do I volunteer at Such-and-Such Elementary School?  (Why, yes.  Yes, I do.) My son goes there and he's been telling me how much he likes when you're there helping him.  It's so great that you're able to do that!

So, I told her I'd put the chains on the van and do my best.  Sigh.

And so I put chains on tires.  For the first time in my life.  All by myself.  And it really wasn't that hard.  I think that means I'm officially an adult now.

Anyway, with the chains the roads weren't too bad, and I only almost got rear-ended once (that I know of). All the "grandmas and grandpas" were a little extra grateful today (which made me feel bad for even considering finking out).  They're always very pleasant, of course, but several actually seemed pretty surprised to see me on their doorstep holding the black plastic tray full of chicken patties, mashed potatoes and green beans; two pieces of bread; individual-sized Smart Balance butter tub; and 2% milk carton reminiscent of middle-school cafeterias.  One ninety-two-year-old who had shoveled his own walk that morning so I wouldn't have to trudge through the snow (he's one of those I've had on my route since my first day, just a real sweetheart) even insisted on giving me some chocolate almond cherry clusters that I managed to resist until 4:16 today - two whole minutes after sunset!  Impressive, no?

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