Friday, July 24, 2015

The Friday Four, Part 128


I love this article about Supreme Court justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the deep friendship between the two. There aren't two people on the Court today who are more ideologically and diametrically opposed of the issues before the Court than Scalia and "the notorious RBG," but the care and respect they demonstrate for each other, the sincere and long-standing friendship between them, inspires me to seek out and develop more real, meaningful relationships with those with whom I may disagree on some issues.

And I so want to see the opera based on them!

(And I want one of these t-shirts!)


Serena Williams is an amazing athlete. In addition, she has handled with grace many prejudicial and demeaning comments and situations and demonstrated incredible skill and perseverance. I'm adding her to the list of my sheroes.


People are not always what they seem. And we are so quick to make judgments based on external data. I have to admit to being a wee bit skeptical of potentially ulterior motives for warm fuzzy commercials that promote great messages, and also products (looking at you, Dove, and every Thai telecommunications company ever!). But this Coca Cola commercial, created specifically for Ramadan, hit me right in the feels.

The first step is awareness. Really think about the judgments and assumptions you make, both consciously and unconsciously, and then deliberately work against them.


I love learning more about women in the Bible. And I was pleased to see LDS Living publish brief profiles of "5 Righteous Women Called Prophetess in the Bible" including Miriam, Deborah (one of my favorites!), Huldah (another one of my favorites!), Isaiah's wife, and Anna (with nods to Noadiah and Jezebel as false prophetesses). Fascinating women, all.

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