Friday, June 26, 2015

The Friday Four, Part 124


It's baseball season again!  In the past two weeks we've been to three games including opening night, of course, plus the opening social and home run derby and it feels like summer!

Posing with Otto, the world's only
Spokaneasaurus (don't ask, I have no clue...)

Evan showing off his Spokane Indians shirt

Josh being silly :)

What's a ball game without a really messy chili dog??


I love these "12 Works of Literature Recreated in Legos."  Especially The Lord of the Rings. And Harry Potter.  And Moby Dick is sure impressive, too...


Aren't these bookstores gorgeous?? I love the first one - it reminds me of the Vienna Staatsoper where I attended dozens of ballets and operas on my study abroad.  And someday I will go to Atlantis Books in Greece.  It's definitely on my bucket list now.

Poplar Kid's Republic in Beijing makes me want to be a kid again, just so I can crawl into some of those hidey holes.


After recent reports regarding the Red Cross and how they (mis)spent the money donated after the huge earthquake in Haiti, it seems all the more important to research very carefully before donating to any charitable organization.  This website,, does in-depth research on charities, not only how much money goes to what end, but how effectively it's used in reaching the organizations' stated goals, and how much good is accomplished per dollar spent, and is impressive in its thoroughness and transparency.  They even have a whole section of their website devoted to their own mistakes and shortcomings: what they did wrong, how it happened, and what steps they've taken to make sure it doesn't happen again.

This will be my first stop from now on when evaluating a new charity.

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