Friday, July 11, 2014

The Friday Four, Part 74


The StoryCorps series is magic.  This animated short is based on a story about astronaut Ronald McNair, who was killed in the Challenger explosion.  His brother Carl identifies two inspirations in Ron's life: libraries and Star Trek.  I love that Carl describes Ron's view of Star Trek as "science possibility" rather than "science fiction".


Food, glorious food!  There have been several food-based photo essays published recently, but this one was particularly poignant to me.  Especially comparing what Marble Moahi, a mother living with HIV/AIDS in Botswana, eats in a day (about 900 calories) to what, say, Conrad Tolby, a truck driver in Illinois, eats in a day (5400 calories!).

Not to mention the photography itself is beautiful, too.


And while we're on the topic of food, some people are able to make incredible works of art out of food.  I'm not a pinterest gal at all, but I can recognize an artist when I see one.  Check out this "gothic bake queen" and her incredible creations!  I like her carnivorous raspberry waffle cones, but the shortbread facehugger seriously creeps me out...


It's been a crazy busy week in the Geddes home!  Will turned 12, had a fun party at Laser Quest in the afternoon and at the baseball game that evening, and earned his Second Class and First Class ranks in Boy Scouts.  It's the boys' last week of swim lessons - they all did really well!  Josh has had Cub Scout day camp for three days.  I volunteered as a walking den leader one afternoon, and Will decided to volunteer as an older Scout and help out as well, for all three days!  Whew!

Will's Court of Honor

Josh doing archery at Cub Scout day camp

Making flubber at day camp!

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